Masamara Audio Lab

Music production, composition, live and studio recording, mixing, postproduction sound design, foley recording, soundtracks,... Masamara was my recording studio in Vallcarca, Barcelona, for nearly 10 years, now is still a way of conceiving sound and music.


Although I prefer to vary (where possible) in the use of some machines or others depending on the job and what it requires, here is a list of equipment available to me and with which I usually work:

MICS Neumann M147, AKG D112, AKG Solidtube, Sennheiser MD421-II x 2, Sennheiser e604 x 2, Schoeps CMC5+MK4, Milab VIP-50, The T.Bone RM 700 modified ribbon mic x 2, Shure SM57 x 4, Shure Beta 52, ADK A-51, ADK SC-1 x 2, Studio Projects C3, Studio Projects C4 x 2, Toa K4.

PRES Neve 1073 DPA, Avalon U5, TLAudio VP 5051, TLAudio 5001, Joemeek VC1, RME UFX.

REC/EDIT Cockos Reaper,Figure53 QLab, Avid ProTools HD 8, Apogee Big Ben Master Digital Clock, Mytek Stereo 96 ADC, Digidesign 192 x 2 (24/16 analog I/O, 8 digital I/O, 2XADAT I/O), RME UFX (12 analog I/O, AES/EBU I/O, 2XADAT I/O), Canopus ADVC11092x2.

MIX & CONTROL Neve 8816, Digidesign ProControl.

MONITORS Dynaudio AIR20, Adam S2, Yamaha NS10, Yamaha S15, Fostex 6301B, (Samson Servo 550).

OUTBOARD Neve 33609JD, TC Electronics Finalizer 96k, TC Electronics Fireworx, Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H3000 D/SE, Sony M7, Sony F7, Yamaha Rev7, Lexicon LXP5, Line6 POD, Yamaha DMP9-16, Korg A2.

The Piano groc, Piano master Kurzweil PC88, Acces Virus B, Novation Basstation. GT Epiphone Elite ES-335, Fender Strat Plus w/Gold Lace Sensor pickups, Fender Stratocaster Custom w/Seymour Duncan, Fender Stratocaster Custom Khaler bridge w/DiMarzio, Samick Banjo, Martin 000-1, Washburn Cumberland Acoustic guitar, Aria 1966 12strings acoustic guitar. GT AMPS Fender Princeton Blackface 1964, Fender The Twin, Fender Twin Reverb, Marshall JCM800, Marshall 1960A Cabinet 4x12. FX PEDALS MXR MicroAmp, Coron Distortion15, Vox Wah, Fulltone Supa-Trem, EH Big Muff, Boss CE-3, Thunder Tomate Analog Delay, Thunder Tomate Overdrive, Boss OD2, Dod Classic Fuzz, Custom Greenlight Fuzz (2 models) Greenlight Tube Screamer...